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When Cryptocurrency Goes Green, Blockchain Can Save The Environment

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Technological Advancement across industries has resulted in a super-vast product range as we are deeply dependent upon vehicles providing sophistication and comfort, air-conditioners which provide respite from the sweltering heat and then the Internet has had its impact felt very deeply in our life. Even in healthcare, technology has resulted in expanding the life span of humans as the latest tech-based methods have arrived for diagnosis and complicated medical procedures have been utterly simplified. As a mark of great hope, still, the progress in technology is constant and our life seems to be crossing yet another barrier of sophistication in years to come.


However, such efforts demand a price and as all of the digital or electrical devices need electricity as the fuel, producing large chunks of electricity for such consumption is very likely to harm the environment. This is chiefly because of the fact electricity generation calls for non-renewable sources which are dreaded air and water pollutants. As such, the rise in demand for electricity is directly linked to damage our planet suffers. On our part, we show-off to be loving and caring to the world but still, we are not prepared to reduce or completely suspend our luxuries which are run by electricity. Now a reasonable question arises as to what can be done to look for the alternative source of energy or if our existing or future energy demand remains uncontrollable? BlockchainSmart business brains have unveiled blockchain, which is again superior technology which pulls a big quantity of electricity.

As a welcome sign, there are certain start-ups like GEAR which are regarded as being infancy with our environment and who have contributed to forming a greener and hence, more sustainable energy cycle. Presenting an insight below about how can the blockchain be the crusader for seeking a green planet and which all of us, eagerly waiting for.

Crypto Mining Space Is Cleaned:

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In the present tech boom, the digital craze has been on the perpetual rise which has blockchain as its underlying force. Not surprisingly, the dollar bill is fast seen to be replaced by blockchain, as the major medium of exchange. For the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies, a large chunk of energy is needed and in case of mining firms, they utilize electricity that is drawn from non-renewable and greenhouse gas-emitting sources which are coal, fuels that are based upon petroleum and other fossil fuels. But then, efforts are put to transform such mining agencies into a blending point where green energy is linked to energy renewable mechanism whereby energy will be produced which would again be fed (like a chain) into such mining facilities so as to enable the production of crypto-currencies. In other words, blockchain is patronized in such a noble way that environment could safeguard and protected. Invariably, such events will lead to more innovation and in more creation which would not pollute our air and water at all. It is indeed the most versatile and humane mission and those behind the driving wheel of crypto-currency and blockchain technology have powerfully taken the first step in the direction of environment protection.

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This is an absolute truth that energy demand is on a constant rise as just as the technology moves forth and Crypto-currencies require a high quantity of energy to work perfectly. In an effort to prevent any slow-down in progress, environment protection should also be taken care of but as block-chain appears to be promising enough to redefine electrically enabled transactions, the companies associated with blockchain have the responsibility to promote green energy.

In fact, producing a large amount of green energy has been one of the major aims of GEAR as the sensible founders are pretty keen on saving the planet with environment protection. To emphasize this, words by Vice President, VikPathak, are full of earnest kindness, “Our theme over the past few years has been ‘From Resources to Regenerative, meaning that we want to take a dirty industry known from extracting things from the earth and innovate it into something that can be used to give back to the earth instead”.  Further, the crypto-currencies which would be mined at GEAR will be utilized to create, re-create and promote green energy, i.e. energies packed in the wind, sun (solar energy), tidal and biomass. Zuflo gives them a big Thumbs Up and wishes them best of luck!

Innovating Green Energy: Research And Development:


Such a step of creating self-sustaining energy sources which are green and renewable is indeed the stepping stone which would encourage innovation further resulting in the enrichment of renewable sector ahead. Besides, such will also inspire other such projects who would invest a part of their earning to research and development and in popularising the green energy as well as other renewable measures such as green energy sources depicting immense efficacy. Not mincing words, such incentives will give way to new concepts in renewable technologies and new types of energy recycling. This seems a dream, but thankfully commendable efforts are taken to change these into a reality sooner or the later since GEAR is all geared to plan and execute such tasks.

This is only because of such meaningful actions that such idea which is now translated into a practical project has gained a huge attention from eminent personalities, such as Mr. Larry King who has happily consulted to being an advisory board member of GEAR. He opined, “fossil fuels have had their heyday, they gave us the ability to cook our meals, power our homes and travel the world. We took from the earth to progress humankind, now progression will only come when humankind gives back to the earth. The GEAR Token will incubate and nurture the cryptocurrency sector by removing the need for conventional fossil fuels, and will further promote and fund the use of Green Energy and Renewables by utilizing the rapidly emerging cryptocurrency sector to finance large scale clean energy operations. The GEAR Token aims to solve the infinite energy equation.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies have paved the way for this generation’s industrial revolution, and we must give it the best opportunity to survive if we’re to pass on the baton to the millennial generation for it to thrive.”


Clearly, friends, we have been gifted this lone planet to live and thrive on and while we enjoy our business and academic feats, efforts should also be put to protect the environment for our own human existence.


GEAR, the promising start-up company promises to transform all the traditional ways and they have expressed that blockchain is resourceful enough to reshape every single aspect of our lives for the better reason and that too, without harming our planet at all.

We at Zuflo express full confidence that with efforts made by companies like GEAR, more groups will join-in to put in significant efforts aimed at the spread of greener energy spanning industries which would further strengthen Blockchain Technology and would secure more Online Investment.

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