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With Blockchain; Digital Marketing And Advertising Is Redefined In 4 Ways

This is a universal truth that Blockchain has pushed Bitcoin to extreme limits and such a scenario is said to be disrupting tomorrow’s financial flow and this is primarily because of the fact that this is initially related to finance and accounts, such as decentralized ledgers, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, digital wallets and so forth. But, as a matter of fact, not only the financial lines are being redefined with Blockchain technology but the way digital marketing and advertising is done today is also likely to be rescheduled in the days to come. As per tech experts, such is not only financially disorderly (or we could use the word innovative) but the fields of digital marketing and advertising are said to be revamped too. As such, it becomes imperative to professionals in the marketing and advertising field to leverage such type of peer-to-peer network which is constantly growing.

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If you still feel what growth does Blockchain has in the future, please consider the following reports which would surely compel you to think critically.       

  • There was raised a whopping $290 million by Blockchain startups in 2016,
  • Among top investors, Financial and Tech companies contributed around 1.4 billion in Blockchain,
  • The year 2017 witnessed $1 million as an average investment in Blockchain projects,
  • Globally Blockchain market shows promising signs of growth and by the year 2024, the value is expected to be around $20 billion,

Blockchain Digital Marketing

Now a pertinent query may cross your minds, as to how does Blockchain shows such a phenomenal scenario for Digital Marketing and advertising to boom higher and wider around the world? Clearly, with more consumers gaining ground with stronger control over data purchase and in sharing personal info, such may appear impossible. But Brian Hart, founder of Flackable, has tried to answer this question, when he says, ““Blockchain will allow consumers to take control of the ads they see and, hopefully, give advertisers a modern, sophisticated means to producing high-quality leads,”.   

Besides, owing to high-end Blockchain protocols, data purchase, delivery, quantification, and marketing value, alongside efforts of putting up advertisements, are going to be focussed and as a result, obtaining consumer details will be harder and costlier for those into marketing and advertising. But, as a brighter side of the story, ROI is going to get more exciting.

Lets cast a look at how would the Blockchain tech is going to revolutionize the digital marketing and advertising landscape globally, in years to come.

  • More Booking For Effective Advertising On Trusted Platforms:

Blockchain Digital Marketing

In the current situation, digital marketing is a bit cloudy since one remains in the dark about the actual number of genuine clicks and this discourages businesses. Besides, there are people who are specially hired to accomplish clicking all day just to enable an increase in rates. Then, because of bots, it is estimated that in 2016, businesses lost more than $7 billion and with such statistics, it becomes hard for businesses to get a clear picture of the ads buys.

Luckily, with Blockchain technology gaining momentum and getting sophisticated every year, such a scenario can be changed altogether with stringent aspects of transparency and security at the root of all this. This is in such a way that each newly created block is put under verification, security and is added onto the chain. Now, how would it enable digital marketing professionals and advertisers? This is because as there is ensured the superior transparency on this chain alongside security, this gives a quick insight to marketers and advertisers to spot the customer base exactly and this would, in turn, save millions of dollars of companies who generally look to other areas of advertising.

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We have the instance of AdChain, which is a regarded open protocol on the public Ethereum Blockchain and which is a golden platform before digitally-charged marketers and advertisers. This is only because of end-to-end transparency which is thereby ensured and where a whitelist is maintained in a decentralized manner, alongside the audit trail. Clearly, one could enjoy a robust control over the first-party data.

  • Buying Ads Process Is Slashed:

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When a company opts for digital ways of marketing and advertising, there are intermediaries who initiate the process of ad-buying but with Blockchain technology, such intermediaries are completely removed. Actually, there are publishers who replace these intermediaries, can enhance the cost per impression (CPM) from a dollar to $5. In the words of Michael Greene, an analyst at Forrester Research opined, “The publishers that are setting the ground rules right now are making higher CPMs.” Interestingly, without any middlemen insight, marketers and advertisers can easily and directly approach the target audience, where the audiences are also paid for viewing their ads. To cite an example, Basic Attention Token (BAT) can be enhanced to transform digital marketing and advertising into a more effective affair.  With this platform in place, tokens can be exchanged among publishers, advertisers, and users who are linked to Ethereum Blockchain. Further, on the basis of one’s inclination, advertisers can also give tokens and thereby getting an increased ROI through a superior interaction with consumers.

  • Blockchain Ensures High-end Transparency:

Blockchain Digital Marketing

Behind all our digital marketing and advertising efforts, the core objective is to motivate users to buy our product or services and to be our consumers. In such a case, there is always registered a higher ROI on influencer marketing as when any prominent figure highlights any product or service, they initiate purchase right away.

Here, there is a deep similarity with Blockchain technology also. Although unlike any personal vouch in favour of a product or service but with a ledger of history and through encouraging data in regard to a product or a service.

On a Blockchain, the digital ledger unravels a clear picture of a product or service from its manufacturer to consumers.

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To cite an example, if anyone wants to buy a luxury brand, they can reach the digital ledger of that item and can easily check for its genuineness. Clearly, users exercise greater dominance where supreme user experience remains at the core and through which, advertisers and marketers are given a boost to link with consumers directly.

Scores of brands are seen taking advantage of transparency as is unleashed on Blockchain, simply to enhance the level of marketing in a renewed way. We have an encouraging example of Babyghost, i.e. a baby brand which is widely propagated on Blockchain technology, just to make the consumers aware of it.

Sonny Lu, who is COO Bitse, feels pretty excited about such a trend when he says, “This event illustrates that fashion brands, especially high fashion brands, need to keep the consumer in mind and give them more than a product.” He went on to say, “The customer wants to know that the connection between them and the brand is real and that their products are real.”


Blockchain Technology is a modern revelation that is all set to re-define the way we market digitally Blockchain Advertisementand advertise and users are destined to witness high-end sophistication. With minimal pop-ups and towering security and deep-coded encryption, customers are likely to dominate the scenario when they will interact with companies and brands directly. For any critical guidance related to Online Investment and blockchain, please feel free to discuss your doubts and apprehensions with ZufloCoin, we lead the industry with a winsome approach towards all those involved.

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