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Blockchain Technology Can Strengthen Healthcare Industry Across Levels Of Care

This is simply the versatility of ever-growing Blockchain (digital ledger) technology that efforts are put to innovate ways for its implementation across the Healthcare Industry while also trying to align it with the financial industry.  Specifically meant for ensuring data security and maintaining patients’ records in sophisticated storage and easy access, innovative ways of Blockchain technology are looked for.

A healthcare industry survey was conducted where professionals were found brainstorming over new ideas about how to benefit from commercial Blockchain application in the coming years. 

Blockchain Revolutionizes the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

There are confirmed reports indicating that premium Blockchain Technology Applications can be fruitful in ensuring a range of benefits, from protecting patients’ data to transmission to safe storage to efficient management medical devices and so forth, in fact, it would not wrong to state that such possibilities are endless and potent enough to be considered.

In such a league, there is a growing market of personal medical devices where patients store their personalized data and which has come under the attack of hackers.

For instance, there are devices to keep vigil upon medications or to detect symptoms, inhalers, pacemakers and so forth, where sensitive personal info is stored while users are still in the dark about its safety and security of such data through hacking.

In various forums, such as consumer rights, medical and healthcare and technology, voices are being raised by government officials and private companies to standardize records storage and data distribution and protection with the help of Blockchain technology, as threats continue to grow manifolds.

Enable Blockchain Link To Ensure Air-Tight Data Security:

Blockchain Technology

The ownership of medical records can be established and medical files can easily be transmitted in the most secure way, through the optimum implementation of Blockchain technology. For instance, in finance, users can view the history of their financial records by simply ordering a copy of their bank statement to establish any critical activity, but in case of healthcare, patients don’t have that much flexibility to their health records and are not concerned and are made aware about how much info is kept under storage and how will it be accessed or shared. To make things worse, it becomes impossible to verify if any suspicious access is made to such healthcare records.

Generally, healthcare facilities are responsible for the safety and security of such medical records and those patients who suffer from critical or life-threatening illnesses and who may need emergency surgery in any facility which is located near to their physical location,

Blockchain Implements HIPPA Compliance:

Healthcare Industry

There are laws enacted in the US, to specifically deal with accessing and managing medical records and with the advent of Blockchain (digital ledger type of technology), more sophistication has been reached in storing sensitive medical records of patients. Prior to the introduction of Blockchain technology into healthcare, HIPPA was the collection of laws to deal with privacy and compliance and people were concerned if this technology will be compliant enough. Those developing Healthcare apps realized the potential of encryption which is innate to Blockchain technology and it can contribute a lot in keeping medical health records safe and secure and would enable patients and their care-givers in swift management of such records and to share that easily with the doctors and other healthcare institutions. Before this, the typical EHR (Electronic Health Records) had become quite prone to hacking and malware.

Blockchain Ensures Seamless Access To Medical Records Anytime, Anywhere:

Healthcare Industry

Ensuring tight security around medical data is an overall priority and the way medical records storage and sharing are done, expose the lack of efficiency manifolds and a huge amount of expenses is spent on it, which is certainly a worrisome factor before doctors and healthcare institutions. All those with reasonable minds, now, look towards the promise of Blockchain technology in curbing all such concerns. Forbes vouch for Blockchain technology hereby inculcating:


The overall vision for blockchain to disrupt healthcare in the future would be to solve many issues that plague the industry today to create a common database of health information that doctors and providers could access no matter what electronic medical system they used, higher security and privacy, less admin time for doctors so there’s more time to spend on patient care, and even better sharing of research results to facilitate new drug and treatment therapies for disease.

Blockchain Technology

Presently, the overall healthcare system suffers from many loopholes, such as swift access to medical records and medical history by patients and so by doctors who treat them, through a single click. Every person, across the world, visits scores of hospitals and doctors during his illness and is being diagnosed several times and a plethora of medical procedures and medications are administered upon him. Now, when anyone tries to get a complete glimpse of his medical history, illnesses, diagnosis, and medications, this is simply impossible to gather all such things in one place and on a single platform instantly.

Clearly, such an inefficient scenario poses a big risk to patients’ health quality and then, during emergency situations, doctors and his staff are left with minimal time to contact different facilities asking them to provide complete medical records for any particular patient, either through fax or by email, for meaningful treatment.

Leverage Blockchain Technology To Reduce Administrative Costs Associated In Healthcare 

Blockchain Technology

Scores of problems can be resolved and the whole administration can be rebooted to more efficient handling by simply aligning with Blockchain technology.  Recent statistics also echo the problems faced by the healthcare system in terms of poor administration requiring an abundance of costs. In the US alone, healthcare professionals are seen spending around 10% more than what others in the same profession are, in other European, Asian and African countries.

ZufloCoin has been spearheading the scope of Blockchain technology around the world and when you look for its swift implementation in the healthcare industry, please rely upon our insightful service and consultancy and we shall uncover administrative marvels for you for better control and records management and quick retrieval of records in a jiff.

Doctors as Data Entry Clerks

Healthcare Industry

Recently, poor doctors are seen compiling patients’ records and managing files and also monitoring other administrative paperwork for the sake of their own practice. This is a pity that instead of focusing purely upon their practice, they are made to act like mere clerks which may also impact their core intellect in the long run.  Please cast a glance on below records, as are highlighted by the American Medical Association which conducted a survey among a handful of doctors across US states:

  • The existing set of EHRs (Electronic Health Records software dedicated administrative effort and consumes a lot of time and costs in handling and managing patients’ records,
  • Rigorous paperwork and hyper-active monitoring from doctors consume around 30% of their total daily time and it affects their practice and professional efficiency to a great extent,

Clearly, by relying upon Blockchain technology and its typical digital ledger framework, recording data, managing records and easy presenting them before doctors and healthcare institutions would enhance accuracy while also taking care of records’ security and safety.  Furthermore, by establishing Blockchain technology, the claims processing, pointing out the fraudulent activities and verification becomes easy and more resources can thus be considered towards customers for efficient services with the core objective of enhancing the quality of life among patients, as all of us may have to go through this at any point of time.

Blockchain Can Also Take Care Of Secondary  Tasks In Healthcare:

Blockchain Technology

Even though the safety of patients’ records and the security of such related data has been the towering concern before any sort of technology but then there may arise other issues in the healthcare field, which call for superior grip and transparency as well as for efficient access.

  • One can Verify Practitioners’ Certifications:

There have come up, scores of new healthcare services such as telemedicine which offer services just like the conventional healthcare industry, but by relying upon Blockchain technology, one can verify doctors’ credentials and practice certifications.

  • Managing Medications In More Efficient And Organized Manner:

Healthcare Industry

Doctors and hospitals can also utilize Blockchain technology for efficient management of prescriptions and medications across the given network and such can be shared too amongst the intended persons.

  • Accessing Public Health Records In Best Possible Way And To Monitor Population Data:

Albeit, much of the focus of Blockchain technology centers around enhancing the medical practice efficiency, but the technology can also be optimized for the betterment of overall patients’ health quality and insurance claims processing too. Also, future researches can also be enabled with the underlying hope of superior innovation being promised in the gamut beyond the US health insurance framework.

For instance, certain services can be managed in the most phenomenal manner when we consider express data management, such as:

  • Enhancing the cycle of claims reimbursement and management,
  • Preventing Fraudulent instincts,
  • Undertaking Clinical experiments,
  • Devoting concerted efforts towards best healthcare,

Conclusion:Blockchain Technology

Clearly, to apply Blockchain Technology cannot be implemented in the healthcare industry across the US as well as across the world in a jiff but such is a wide procedure that needs to be applied in a phased manner at every stage of the game. For any assistance concerning Online Investment, blockchain methodology and crypto-currency investment and so for its implementation in related fields, for the sake of security and sophistication, please rely upon our consultancy and Zuflo Coin will reveal unmatched marvels for your organization and industry as a whole.

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