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Blockchain Technology Adds value To All Types Of Businesses

Blockchain has been the tech topic which is widely discussed and considered across the industries around the globe and even the start-ups are taking a keen interest in it. A few of the outstanding insights are highlighted below which shed light onto the importance of Blockchain tech, in the modern business arena of today:

  • Sophisticated Network For Businesses Crafted Through Blockchain Technology:


Dr. Michael Yuan, chief scientist at CyberMiles values the potential of blockchain the most and reckons that awesome networking can be formed to enable all types of businesses, once such blockchain technology is utilized in a proper way.

Blockchain technology is a type of electronic ledger which is decentralized and resounding enough to permit data sharing among the users who form a digital network. Such a network remains transparent to everyone and is managed by self-proclaimed coders and programming giants and such a phenomenon best displays collaboration at work in such a technology.

  • Get Used-To To Push Out Banks In Our Lives:


The world can get unbanked through the use of blockchain. In other words, blockchain allows the tremendous freedom to carry out transactions across the geographical horizon and without involving banks at the center. Kelly Graham, COO of D-Node observes that millions of people find a great alternative to manage their finance, especially those with no bank accounts and people simply have to obtain a Digital Wallet in order to accomplish transactions.

  • Blockchain Slashes Time To Transact:


Clearly, great distances between users willing to transact can be reduced a great deal. In the words of Christopher Brown, CEO of Modular, “Common code packages and standardized development tools are lacking. The only thing that is secure is the blockchain itself,” Brown said.

This is primarily because the blockchain acts like a distributed ledger, which is safe and secure and payments can be sent and received in a short time and which involves lower costs too.

Brown has been able to create a feature-packed application meant for desktops with the underlying objective of providing businesses and individuals a supreme way to manage funds. He named his project “Blossom” and such is a hailed as a “better wallet”.

  • Legal Contracts Find New Scope In IoT and BlockChain Technology:


There has been a close association between data arising from IoT and blockchain technology. Peter Hunn, founder of Accord Project clarifies that PDFs and electronic signatures for legal documents will no longer be needed since blockchain has the potential to re-define network organizing and accumulation of wealth, as a result.

Not surprisingly, data streaming through IoT devices empower legal contracts between users and organizations and such legal contracts are hosted on the blockchain. We have an example of Accord Project which leads lawyers and professionals to the ability where legal contracts can easily be transformed into smart legal agreements.

Then, we have external data sneaking out from devices connected to IoT and which are again connected to the blockchain, can easily make legal contracts usable but then, no third party expertise is needed.

  • Creativity Get A Boost With Blockchain Technology:


According to Mark Hopkins, CEO of Roger Wilco, new areas are unearthed with blockchain technology such as micro-payments and content gained from re-licensing. In other words, content writers can get to earn a hefty amount in such a blockchain scenario when they earn rewards for the content they produce and contribute.

Unlike popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, which earn rich revenue by running advertisements but hardly any share is given to content writers. But in blockchain technology, as it is largely decentralized in the state, every chunk of fresh content is recorded and content writers get rewarded for every fresh line thereby. The rewards can be in the form of crypto-currency or fiat currency and for prolific writers thus, the sky is the limit.


We can conclude here, that Blockchain technology has the potential to add sophistication to the way, we blockchain-technologyoperate business and such is a complete framework which is complete, secure and uniquely safe in operation with hardly any loophole or drawback through which any trouble can get bigger and can become unresolved. Zuflo.io is a prominent agency licensed to operate and proliferate such technology and we feel obliged when companies spanning industries as well as individuals approach us, finding the solution to their transactional problems.

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