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Crypto-Currency Stands Majestic As Higher Study Course Option

There is no dearth of reports to indicate the fact that CryptoCurrency has been the hot study option today before students, owing to its widespread implementation in the business environment across industries. Scholars, professors, and business management experts never fall short in terming it to be the most prominent technology that shapes the world today and tomorrow.

Blockchain Education

Hence the Blockchain Technology grips the minds of youngsters when they look towards building bright careers. In other words, so as to make students future-ready, following the Crypto-currency’s steep rise, educationists in many countries advocate the inclusion of this field as a notable study option before students at various levels such as high school, undergraduate and postgraduate. Besides, as the demand for skilled Blockchain technology and crypto professionals increases, scores of prestigious universities have given space for this field in and as their study subject.  The reason simply being that youngsters just intend to pick up crucial skills to build a sterling career.

Blockchain Education

To emphasize this fact, a survey was conducted among the strength of 700 students who were picked from 50 universities across the world and who were asked about the preferred study program. Interesting enough, more than 90 percent raised their voice in favour of Blockchain technology as well as for crypto study programs, which clearly suggests the towering favour this field has, among youth.

Exclusively in the US, Cornell University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, PrincetonBlockchain Education University, King’s College in New York offer such cutting edge courses in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, but then, in Asia, students find traction with National University in Singapore. Likewise, even the study options on the internet offer career- conscious youngsters a great resource to get familiar with such fast-growing digital payment technology. For example, a typical online cryptocurrency course is provided by Professor Arvind Narayan who teaches Computer science at Stanford University and with time, this has become the most popular course widely in demand. Then, in 2018, a mega seminar was conducted by prominent Blockchainers in Manchester City college with the underlying objective of rebooting the existing teaching mechanism especially in regard to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency topics.

In strengthen the Cryptocurrency environment and to boost such payment framework further, a handful of academic institutions such as King’s College in New York, the University of Cumbria in the UK and European School of Management and Technology in Berlin,

Germany has given students the freedom to pay cryptocurrency as tuition fees.

Professor David Yermark

A commendable effort, indeed !!

Cryptocurrency Technology Grips The Minds Of forwarding Thinking Professionals:

Not surprisingly, that was in 2014, when suggestions were given to include the topics of distributed ledger or network registers and Professor David Yermark from New York University stands prominent in the list when he actually realized the potential of Blockchain technology and how it would take the world in its complete sheen.

Duke University:


This is ranked amongst the renowned academic institutions in the world, to study Advanced Technologies and especially for Blockchain topics, there is set up a research center which is regarded as Blockchain Lab, to facilitate the study of Blockchain And Innovation course, free of cost.

Certainly, the underlying effort is to impart the understanding of decentralized technology and inter-linked applications, among students.

Further, yet another course is designed here, under the title “Innovations And Cryptocurrencies”, which covers the Bitcoin fundamental and also empower the students with insights into the types of cryptocurrencies which make their presence felt on a global scale.

Princeton University Courses: A Center Of Learning Delight:

Higher Study

The university attracts a large number of students from all over the world and where professor Arvind Narayan delivers the crucial lecture about the composition of Cryptography as well as about other digital currencies. Without a doubt, a range of topics are discussed in great detail, such as Bitcoin functionality, how users can remain anonymous, other types of cryptocurrencies, precautions, government laws, and regulations and other factors. Please note, the course is imparted free of cost and has 12 video lessons, accompanied by a graphical presentation for better understanding.

NYU School of Law Courses: Propels Students To Bright Careers:

Higher Study

This university has started the course“The Law And Business of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies”, with the sole purpose of developing practical skills in BTC management in diverse business frameworks. Besides, other topics are also offered concerning digital coin functions, cryptocurrency history, present payment network, the popularity of cryptocurrency and other applicable laws and legal scenarios.

London School of Economics:


Undeniably the most prestigious academic institution in the world, where the renowned scholar Professor Carsten Sorensen spearheaded the course titled ” Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” which is still a popular study option among students and their families.

The course is designed with 6 modules and it takes 60 hours to complete the certification. During training, the students take delight in exploring the ICO projects and also develop prowess in the proficient manipulation of crypto wallets, rise coins and the course offers so much more. As for the cost of this course, it is fixed at 2100 dollars which equals 1800 Euros but following which quick job placement is offered to youth who get equipped with cutting edge Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency skills.

RMIT: Australian Delight To Equip Students With High- End Skills:

Higher Study

Here, at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, they have launched a course in 2018 which is “Developing Blockchain Strategy” and which enables complete understanding among students. For the purpose of ensuring the broader curriculum, many other agencies have been joined hands with, such as RMUH Blockchain Innovation Hub, Accenture Services, Zuflo Inc and the Stone and Chalk project. The duration of the course is set at 8 weeks and trainees are given versatile training upon incorporating Blockchain Technology in many other areas spanning industries. This is an online course with a nominal price of 1500 Australian dollars.

Conclusion:Higher Study

Well, friends, without any doubt, the Blockchain Technology has still been emerging as the most promising industry across the world and which has revolutionized the business environment across the world, attracting a great deal of Financial Investment from all quarters of society. As we already consult scores of business and Educational Institutions in completing their know-how and skills about cryptocurrency, please rely upon our massive prowess in the field and we shall define marvels for you.

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