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How to Easily Start Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Investing in Bitcoin

The popularity and sheen of the growing Bitcoin Industry have reached to faraway shores and it is simply not surprising that a lot of people think about it as an optional source of continuous income. Just like any other business, this also involves a bit of investment and people, most often get over by a towering confusion. Hence, when you encounter any such type of confusion and delusion, all you need is a trusted friend, who can guide you in this industry and can goad you to build up your E-Wallet with more profits in a seamless way.

At our side, we present the following easy steps to get into this profession with superior ease and assurance and with a deep-rooted excitement rightly so.

How do I start making money with Bitcoin? Please consider the following steps:

1. Sign Up With An Exchange:

Firstly, money-making minds need to sign up with an exchange, which is an online portal, where crypto-currency is bought with a cash amount. Any person can buy and sell Bitcoin through such exchange and such exchanges mention the list of other types of crypto-currencies too, which they facilitate to be bought and sold.

There are prestigious places acting like exchanges and one needs to carry out his accounts’ verification there, before procuring or withdrawing any crypto-currency type including Bitcoins.

Investing in Bitcoin

As a verified user, there is a considerable buying and withdrawing limits that are set at $20 thousand per day (for deposits) and $50 thousand per day withdrawals, while the process of verification is quick too.

2. The Glory Of Personal Wallets:

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Such are the virtual wallets or electronic cases, where one keeps his Bitcoins as well as another type of crypto-currency which he or she obtains. People also choose to retain them with exchanges as well, till they don’t get a wallet. Clearly, with wallets, comes the prestige to users that they OWN crypto-currency and each of the wallets has a unique address that is public along with a private key.

Here, the public address is reserved for receiving funds and the private key is your key to spend. 

3. Composition Of Good Crypto-currency Wallets:

  • For Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Stellar Lumens (XLM), there is Blockchain.com,
  • For Ethereum and ERC 20 tokens, there should appear MyEtherWallet,
  • For XRP/ Ripple, there has to be Rippex,

Besides these, idea and knowledge about other crypto-currencies can be gathered from other online forums also.

Investing in Bitcoin

4. Tips About Researching For Crypto-Currencies:

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

After procuring a maiden bunch of Bitcoin, users can investigate new crypto-currencies and the ideal point to start is Bitcointalk, which is a forum attracting crypto-currency developers and investors on a single junction. Always, a healthy, proactive and constructive discussion takes place about every single crypto-currency, its worth and future prospects.

Alternatively, one can type the name of crypto-currencies which you want to research for, with “ANN” as a prefix, into the search bar.

As an example, “[ANN] Ethereum”, and you will find the thread “[ANN] Ethereum: Welcome to the Beginning”. This is the thread were Vitalik Buterin, who founded Ethereum discusses how he created Ethereum and also uncovered related information such as:

  • Rich details about Ethereum ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which attracts crowdfunding for further development of Ethereum,
  • Directions to other white papers and yellow papers which reveal info in great detail about the thoughts and circumstances which propelled the development of Ethereum and other technical info.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

As we know, a white paper report gives info about the underlying thoughts behind a product or a service and how such should be used for problem-solving. Rightly so, a yellow paper is simply a document which features research that is not acknowledged and endorsed officially, as of yet.

Here, it is strongly recommended that one should go through the announcement which is the start of info, which generally is about the following aspects:

  • The number of coins in total,
  • The number of coins in circulation,Investing in Bitcoin
  • Info about mining,
  • Is there a previous mine or not,
  • Founders and developers info,
  • Info about the wallet,
  • Bounty info, which is the rich rewards which you may get, once the set of tasks is completed. For instance, there can be web pages, threads, and blogs which need translation and rewards are there, for such a task.
  • Plan for further development which may show a timeline showcasing significant points and achievements which are to be achieved.
  • ICO which is info about crowdsale,
  • AirDrop Schedule, (by the term airdrop we mean a crypto-currency which is given freely to those who are proud owners of other crypto-currency or any specific wallet,
  • Info about code, which means if any crypto-currency is open-source which is mostly the scenario is,
  • Finally, basic contact info,

Sans doubt, Bitcointalk is a great source of news and development and when everyone needs to remain updated. Besides, one can also interact with other experts, investors, and developers in order to unveil new opportunities.

Finally, The Conclusion:

Investing in Bitcoin To get into the stream of Bitcoin is simple and easy, especially in today’s era of info explosion, but then we recommend to begin the investment surf with Bitcoin (BTC) and get your portfolio to be around 50% with this. Thereafter, you can add other major crypto-currencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM).

Clearly, it is always worthwhile and profitable that one maintains a portfolio with numerous crypto-currencies and as wealth proliferates, one can think about adding certain crypto-currencies with low cap and which are riskier. Not surprisingly, any blue chip portfolio can outplay and outperform a riskier portfolio in the long run.

As a golden investment strategy in bitcoins as well as in other crypto-currencies, (with dollar rates on average), one should invest a specific amount weekly or monthly and when the price drops, he should invest even more but when the rise in price is there, lesser investment should be there. And to avoid the haziness you can invest with Zuflo.io on which you can easily rely.

Important Info:Investing in Cryptocurrencies

One should not put investment to buy a whole Bitcoin, rather, any amount can be procured on the grounds that how much he or she willing is to spend. As an example, 1 BTC can be bought, 0.75 BTC can be sought, 0.50 BTC can be procured, 0.25 BTC can be obtained, etc. Such should be the buying principle for other crypto-currencies as well.


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