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Bitcoin And Blockchain Are Different, Wanna Know How?


For those who have just awakened to the sheen of Crypto-currency (to uncover additional income source), there are certain terms in the field, which can confuse potential new investors. As a result, we find people use the term Bitcoin when they actually talk about blockchain technology and then, blockchain is …

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ZFL listing

  Zuflo Coin (ZFL) is listing on Coinlim. Live Trading on August 15, 2019 Coinlim.com is a Digital Asset Exchange Platform designed for both Professional Traders and Retail Investors. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and store digital assets. By running on its own in-house proprietary system, Coinlim.com is …

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A Glimpse Into Birth And Rise Of Bitcoin

rise of bitcoin

For ease of understanding of bitcoin, we can simply carry out a broad conceptual divide on it and we have two parts. First is where there is a bitcoin, which is simply the token, some lines of code which defines the ownership and it is similar to IOU. In the …

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Idiot Guide to Cryptocurrency

It wasn’t a long time when only those people know about cryptocurrencies who were involved in creating and operating them. They can be called as per Moneyinc The “average proposal geek”. It is the tech circle of average people and at that time the concept of cryptocurrency was branded as …

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