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Who Accept Crypto-currency And Bitcoins

Paying and receiving payment in bitcoin does mean the charm of sophistication and there are companies who patronise bitcoin as similar to currency and accept payments in its noble form. Such a scenario is evident from the fact that a handful of prominent sites have got the required programming done so as to facilitate payment options in the form of bitcoin. As such, we are encouraged to buy a range of stuff from VPN services to electronic items to groceries to burgers, etc. by paying in bitcoin. Those of us who hold biotin in any form is always rich in luck as they can utilize these to intake some stuff in its exchange.


Following are some leading portals which accept bitcoin as mode of payment for the goods and services that they offer and their strength is growing day in and day out. There are some parking sites in some cities which accept payment in the form of a bitcoin relieving the impression that only criminals use it for hidden purposes. 

1) Microsoft Inc:


First and foremost, Microsoft. Bitcoins, which are later transformed into funds and are deposited into Microsoft account, are used but there is limited use for such funds, i.e. for buying games, movies and other apps in Windows and Xbox stores. Conversely, such is not used to buy any of Microsoft items from the online store of this global tech giant.

2) Reeds Jewellers Inc:


This is an American jeweler which has its showroom in 13 states in the USA where all of the locations oblige customers to pay through bitcoin. They mainly put on sale a range of items such as watches, fine jewelry and diamonds, and free delivery is ensured where armored vehicles are used for the transport purpose in case of loose diamonds.

3) New Egg:


This is the portal which is into electronic retail and it accepts bitcoin. For the purpose of processing such mode of payments, BitPay has been assisting New Egg.  However, the option is available on this site, to those who buy from other sellers and not from New Egg.  At this portal, bitcoins are not accepted for the following purchases:

  • Will Call orders
  • Newegg Gift Cards (digital)
  • Marketplace items
  • Subscription orders
  • Pre-orders
  • Premier memberships
  • Return shipping labels

4) Shopify Stores:


This platform is basically meant for e-commerce allowing traders to create their shops online and to push products towards buyers, just like Etsy and eBay. That was in 2013 that traders registered with Shopify (75,000+ in number) started getting the option to accept bitcoin payments and the whole process was powered by BitPay.

5) Dish:


The sensation was created in August 2014, when the provider of satellite TV and internet services expressed willingness to be paid in the form of bitcoin. The dish is regarded to be the prominent group which includes crypto-currency in the entertainment world.

As a result, the option for bitcoin payment is made available on mydish.com, other than other payment options involving the internet.  With Dish, Coinbase takes care of all its bitcoin transactions.

6) Roadway Moving Company:


When the year 2017 came to an end, Roadway Moving Company startled everyone by declaring that they would encourage customers to pay by Bitcoin. Though the company considered relaxation in sales tax for such kind of bitcoin payment and in present times, customers need to have a hot wallet which is a digital asset linked to the internet.

7) Overstock.com:


Such is the business involved in online retailing business and it started accepting bitcoins way back in 2014. The company deals in laptops, TV sets, pillows, and cushions, etc. and customers are obliged to pay with any of the prominent cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoins, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dash and so forth.  To do this, one needs to make a selection on the website and set the currency which one needs to pay in.

8) eGifter:


This is a prominent site selling gift card and buyers can use gift cards with the use of an app. Gift cards can be bought for a variety of places, such as Amazon, JCPenny, Sephora, Home Depot, Kohl’s, etc. One can also manage bitcoins to buy gift cards for destinations which hesitate to accept bitcoins while the company has partnered with Coinbase as their bitcoin partner.

9) Gyft:


This platform is for digital gift card where such hold multiple advantages to those who hold crypto-currency and these cards are used to make purchases of goods at retailers who are more than 200 in number.

There are a few retailers, such as Sephora, CS Pharmacy, Whole Foods, Target, Hotels.com, Southwest Airlines and so much more, who offer digital gift cards and such can be bought using a Coinbase wallet.

10) CheapAir:


Since 2013, with crypto-currency, one can pay for tickets, which include bitcoin payments too. With CheapAir, domestic and international flight can be booked with bitcoins.

This is the only company in air travel which accepts cryptocurrency as payment mode and one needs Coinbase wallet for finalizing the transactions.

11) More Stamps Global:


In a bid to unleash more travel options, More Stamps Global happily, to the delight of crypto-currency users, customers declared that it would accept forty different crypto-currencies which are popular across globe and in return customers can select from a wide range of services in lieu of such crypto-payment, such as flight ticketing, sight-seeing, for renting a car, hotel booking and a whole lot more while such also appeared to be pretty cost-effective in backdrop of competition in luxury travel industry.  Clearly, such was a dream idea for every heart-felt traveler and still is.

12) BitPlaza:


This business also declared the acceptance of bitcoins at their BitPlaza Shopping Center. Such is the widely popular Big Box Store where customers are facilitated to just buy almost everything from veggies and fruits to products of personal care to digital electronics and so forth.  To ease things, they also introduced and spread highly-integrated apps for iOS and Android-based platforms and hence buyers could shop while on the run.


Albeit, various major businesses are not prepared to accept blockchain payment as they lack proper set-Bitcoinup of blockchain technology, still, thousands of SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) have re-programmed their payment gateway to accept crypto-currency. At Zuflo Coin we can guide and goad prospective payers who want to find out if any business accept crypto-currency and if yes, then which crypto-currency in any specific city and around particular locations in cities and locations around the world. Besides, for seeking a powerful blockchain wallet, we can assist you in getting future-ready and to make your life easier further, by including such next step in digital mode of payment.

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